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More Material Available Upon Request

Contact me for access to more of my Planning Documents, Videos, and Graphics Designs.

3D Projects

A glimpse into the range of my capabilities

I work in multiple programs to bring the perfect scene to the table. Since my background spans across multiple artistic disciplines I can deliver the right content to you, whether you want a low-poly cartoon aesthetic or photo-realism.

Graphic Design & Illustration

Think of what can we accomplish together

Creating is what I do. I work closely with my clients to create pieces that suite their needs. Whether it's for a game, a video, a newspaper or just a morale booster, I've got you covered.

Video Production

Shaping the moving image

I have experience working through every stage of production with videos. Some projects I create entirely on my own, and other times I get to specialize. From art to production to writing. I've done it all.

Video Game Production

If you would like to experience the games that are shown below, please contact me so that I can get you the proper files. Due to file size they have been left out to improve loading times.

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