My Bio

A bit about Rob

I'm the kind of person who is always striving to learn new things. It doesn't matter much what subject it is either. I have a background in optical, psychology, design, animation, printing, and other assorted industries. This means that the more challenging a task is, the more I enjoy finding a solution.

I like to describe myself using what I call my own "Trifecta." The three things I've done in my life that describe who I am the best. 

I am a member of Mensa. I've attended multiple conferences relating to my craft, including aTypi 2013 in Amsterdam. And I've donated bone marrow stem cells to an unknown recipient.

I feel these three things illustrate my ability to grow, my dedication to learning and growth, and the way I view the world and the people who live here. 
If you want someone who dedicates themselves to greatness while still staying grounded, that's me.